Your First Day of Work

Your first day of work will be your most important. In order to settle in well you need to make sure you are prepared in every respect for the special day.


Get an early night

Aim to get a good night’s sleep in order to avoid dark eyes and yawning on your first day. Moreover, you will be taking in a lot of information on your first day therefore it is essential that you are alert. Wake up early and have a big breakfast to give you the energy for the day, especially if you are not sure how the lunchtime routine works.



Before starting, make sure you read about the company. Any background reading that can be done before you start will help you get a grasp of the job.Make sure you know exactly where your new office is and try to do a practice route beforehand taking into account rush-hour traffic. Aim to turn up between five and ten minutes early.

Give yourself plenty of time to get ready. Overdress rather than under dress if you are not sure of the office dress code. Try to remember the names of anyone you have met so far in the interview process. Bring all necessary documents with you; this includes your passport, bank details and social security number.


Be Alert

Every office has a different working environment. French work culture tends to separate personal and work life whereas the Anglo-Saxon culture tries to mix the two. Make assessments of what is socially acceptable at work. This includes dress code, eating habits and general office culture. If you are invited to any social opportunities, whether it is lunch or drinks after work, the answer should always be yes!

It is essential to take in as much information as possible on your first day; not only people’s names but passwords and door numbers etc. Listen carefully to what you are told and respect the comments and opinions of others. Be inquisitive and ask questions, especially if you are unsure of something. Other employees will understand that you are new and will be patient whilst you are learning.


Things to avoid

  • Technology should be turned off and put away. Only bring your mobile phone out if someone wants to give you their number.
  • Avoid lying and sweeping exaggerations.  If you intend on spending any considerable time at your new job, any secrets or lies will come to the surface eventually.
  • Although it is important to have fresh breath, chewing gum is strictly forbidden on first days. Wait until you are settled in before you make a decision whether it is acceptable or not to chew gum.
  • Avoid swear words and slang and being too amicable. Calling your boss “mate” on your first day would not be appreciated.



The first day is essential to get settled in at your new job and to make a good first impression. However, it is important not to put too much pressure on yourself and avoid getting flustered. Your future colleagues will get to know the real you eventually. Remember to relax, smile and enjoy your first day.

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