Stay Motivated, Keep Focused, Achieve Your Goals.

We’ve heard it all before; the idea of getting a job in today’s economic climate is swiftly drifting out of reach. Although we’re tired of this sermon, it’s unfortunately the undeniable truth. But fear not! In this particularly practical piece, I’ll be helping YOU to “atteindre votre but”!

Whether you’re applying for a job, in between jobs, or finding it hard to draw inspiration from your current job, I’ll be providing some top tips for those needing to take that oh so important next step.

# 1 – Structure

Structure – a word which intrigues some and mystifies others. Yet no matter the life we lead, structure plays an incredibly important role in all of our quests to success. If you are someone who doesn’t rely on structure for a daily routine, you may be able to benefit from it hugely.

This doesn’t mean you’re up at the crack of dawn wheezing away in the gym. It simply means that areas in your life which you find stressful, frustrating, or worrying could be dramatically improved by you taking the initiative and adding a bit of….you guessed it…structure. By doing this, those dreaded areas may well become less so. Structure is all about things falling in to place at the right time, so try it out for yourself, add structure to a certain part of your life, and you could find that things start to fall into place for you….

#2 – Exercise:

Regular exercise can prove to have a hugely positive influence on those who choose to include it in their daily routines. Without getting too scientific, the hormones released by the brain from exercise cause significantly alleviated levels in overall happiness and well-being, as well as combatting numerous health conditions and diseases.

Find a sport that you like, a park nearby, a group of friends, a local sports centre, walk to work, sit on a Swiss Ball instead of an office chair, cycle instead of driving or taking public transport. Whatever it may be, gradually introduce it to fill up a regular spot in your free time, and you’ll reap benefits from this new feature in your day-to-day lifestyle.

#3 – Food:

Let’s face it – diets are boring and very difficult to stick to. However, it’s unquestionable that a healthy, balanced intake of food demonstrates drastic improvements in maintained energy levels, higher concentration, increased productivity, amongst many other benefits. Having this increased energy level and overall self-confidence will most certainly give you that extra willingness and motivation to strive for your own personal goals. Remember – everyone’s different, and not every plan you try will necessarily work for you. So stick to it and I promise you’ll find the right one which suits you and which could truly revolutionize your outlook on life.

#4 – Goal Setting:

Try setting yourself a few achievable goals. Of those goals, pick one to accomplish within the next year, and really focus on that. Now, pick one medium-term goal to achieve in the next few months that will get you further toward your longer-term goal. Now decide what you can do this week, and today, to get you to your medium-term goal. Just choose one thing at a time, focus on it, make it happen, and then choose the next thing to focus on. Little by little, you will achieve more and more things which you have wanted to for so long.

#5 – Create a morning and evening routine:

These are two great ways to introduce structure to your day, to make sure you review your goals and log your progress, and to get your day off to a great start. An evening routine, for example, could be a great way not only to wind down from a long day and review how your day went, but to prepare yourself for your next day so the morning isn’t so hectic. Your morning routine is a great way to greet the day, to get some exercise, meditation, quiet contemplation, or to get some writing or other work done. Whatever it may be, make sure you enjoy it.

#6 – Invest in yourself:

This is SO SO important when it comes to you attaining your goals and vision. Before you invest your money, time, or strength on a venture, first invest in yourself. You need a proper mindset. A poor man with a millionaire’s mind will soon become rich! If you want to win, train yourself to win. It’s a formula for success.

#7 – Get out of your comfort zone:

If you’re not a little bit uncomfortable on a daily basis, it means you’re not growing. Every aspect of physical and emotional growth arrives from outside of your comfort zone.  So be fearless sometimes. Have the courage to take the risks that feel right.  Go where there aren’t certainties.  Stretch yourself and your routines even if it means feeling a bit uncomfortable.

#8 – Ask lots of questions:

The greatest adventure is the ability to inquire, to ask questions.  Sometimes in the process of inquiry, the search is more significant than the answers.  Answers come from other people, from the universe of knowledge and history, and from your own intuition. These answers will never surface if you never ask the right questions. Pick someone you know whom you hold in high esteem, and ask them about anything and everything – their knowledge and advice could be crucial for you to succeed.

#9 – Maintain Focus:

One important key to achieving your goals is to maintain focus on them. To do this, again, it’s important that you select one goal at a time. This will prevent your focus from spreading too thin. It’s also important that you give yourself constant reminders of your goal, so you don’t lose that focus. Put up a poster of your current goal, or print it out and put it out somewhere visible, and send yourself emailed reminders. However you do it, find a way to maintain a laser-sharp focus, and the goal will come true.

#10 – Relaxation:

Achieving your goals simply isn’t possible without some downtime. A common misconception is that more work = better results. In fact, it can be quite the opposite – it can cause huge amounts of stress. Stress has been scientifically proven to lead to poor health, poor decision-making, poor thinking, and poor socialization.  So be attentive to your stress level and take short breaks when you need to.  Slow down.  Breathe.  Give yourself permission to pause, regroup, and move forward with clarity and purpose.  When you’re at your busiest, a few simple moments of stillness and tranquility can completely rejuvenate your mind and increase your productivity.  These short breaks will help you regain your focus, and allow you to reflect on your recent actions so you can be sure they’re in line with your goals.

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  1. Great! I agree with you that these points are essential for a person to achieve the goal in their life.

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