Dress for success.

You will hear it time and time again: First impressions count. Whilst punctuality, confidence and a strong handshake are all vital for a good first impression, another big contributor that is often surprisingly overlooked is presentation. Once you know the formula, figuring out your professional presentation is simple so without further ado, here’s our advice to looking sharp.


This is a rule with very few exceptions: go to the interview suited and booted. Make sure you invest in a well-fitting, good quality trouser suit. Opt for a conservative colour like navy blue, grey or black and avoid distracting jewellery. The night before, iron all your garments, fix any loose hems and polish your shoes. Not only will these steps aid the preparation process for your interview (as explained in our previous blog Settle your pre-interview nerves!) but, it will support your professional image and show that you take the interview process seriously.

Conservative InterviewInterview Attire - Men

Images via Polyvore

Office Wear

Office wear tends to vary from smart casual to classic corporate depending on the sector and the company culture. French businesses tend to be more towards the smart casual dress code however to have a better idea of how to dress appropriately, observe how other colleagues are dressed day-to-day. A foolproof work wear wardrobe contains items such as a white shirt, a cardigan, some black trousers and a pencil skirt for women. For men, consider shirts, chinos, jumpers and tailored trousers to be safe bets for suitable work wear. Choose a complementary colour scheme so that your clothes are interchangeable.

Dress down Friday

Whilst the dress code may be relaxed, your attire still needs to look professional. Clothing should remain modest, neat and clean with trainers, shorts and sandals continuing to be a no-no. Depending on company policy, jeans may be permitted providing that they are appropriate for work. If in doubt, err towards overdressing to avoid any blunders. As Oscar Wilde says, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”

For more inspiration, check out these Pinterest boards: Career style for women and Career style for men.

What’s your office dress code?

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