Job Seeker Top Tips

As you embark on your job search, the amount of job search methods on offer may seem daunting. Amongst the plethora of job boards, social networks, agencies and job fairs there are certainly plenty of different leads to choose from. We’ve set out the different tools at your disposal below and encourage you to work with all of them in order to multiply your chances of getting that elusive job offer.

Job Boards

Job boards are a great indicator of the jobs on offer and the state of the job market in general. The concept of job boards is straightforward: you can search for job offers and send in your CV and cover letter or you can post your CV as a speculative application. By registering with a job board, you will be able to save a keyword search tailored to your job search and receive job alerts suited to your profile. Nowadays, most job boards are available online with the big players in the job board domain being Monster, Career Builder, LinkedIn and APEC (for those residing in France).  In order to use job boards effectively, keep in mind to use a variety of job boards, such as broad-based job search engines such as Indeed and sector-specific search engines for example, Village de la Justice for the legal sector, to get the best return of results.

Recruitment Agencies

Many potential employers use recruitment agencies to handle their recruitments so they are an essential medium for you. Recruitment agencies are free for job searchers as it is the clients who pay for the service. The process of recruitment agencies is simple: you apply for a job advertised on their site or send in your CV and if successful, you will be called in for an interview. After the interview, the recruitment consultants will find the candidate suitable job offers and forward the candidate onto the prospective employer. The recruitment consultants should keep in touch with the candidate and deliver feedback to both the candidate and the client. A good recruitment agency will also advise you on your CV, interview technique and job search, potentially becoming  a career partner throughout your professional life. As above, there are broad based recruitment agencies and specialised agencies, for example TM International deals with the recruitment of bilingual admin jobs in Paris, so make the most of the variety of recruitment agencies on offer.

Social Networking

Businesses regularly use social networks to advertise job vacancies. Do your research, look for businesses you wish to target and follow their Facebook and Twitter accounts for their latest job offers.  Furthermore, take advantage of the Twitter hash tag and search for job vacancies that are suited to your profile. Keep your eye on the ball and visit business social network accounts regularly.

Professional Networking Sites

LinkedIn and Viadéo are where the majority of recruiters do their headhunting. In fact, a recent survey has shown that more than 98% of recruiters use LinkedIn, so this is a great way to look for jobs.  Catch HR managers’ attention with a complete profile with all professional experience, skills and recommendations included. Increase your online presence by participating in discussion groups and share articles of relevance in your domain. If you haven’t already got a profile on either of these sites, it is essential you sign up today!

Job Fairs and Networking

Direct contact with employers is a brilliant way to find jobs that aren’t openly on the recruitment radar. Websites such as LinkedIn and Meetup regularly advertise opportunities to meet prospective employers such as conferences, job fairs and after-work networking events. Make sure you sign up for them and come prepared with business cards with your contact details.  Don’t forget to contact your professional connections and friends to get the word out that you are seeking a job. Through your current contacts, you can reach their contacts in turn, one of which could be the key to your new job. To network effectively, it is necessary to chase up contacts, persevere and use all possible avenues!

What job seeking methods have worked for you recently? Which job boards or other job searching methods would you recommend?

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