Is this the future of the recruitment process?

The interview is getting an upgrade. You’ve probably heard of Skype but have you heard of HireVue?  A one way digital interview platform, HireVue has already become an integral part of the recruitment process in many top American companies and it looks set to expand globally. Will the appeal of HireVue translate globally and if so, is HireVue the face of the future recruitment process?

To give an overview of HireVue, it is a one way video interview. Pre-set questions are shown on the screen giving the candidate 30 seconds to think of an answer. The interview is recorded and the employer is able to watch the interview at a time of their own choosing.  HireVue is even enabled like a DVD with the viewer being able to play, pause, rewind and fast forward and, because it is recorded, the programme offers the option to share the interview with other colleagues. Let’s move on to weighing up the pros and cons of the product.

The advantages of the product are quite clear:  HireVue is a solution to the ever present problem of lack of time and money. HireVue claims to be up to 9 times cheaper and to be 10 times faster than the average recruitment process. The sharing option also allows more people to be involved without any added cost. Furthermore, the programme provides a resolution to the dilemma of job searching when you are already employed. Gone are the days when you have to squeeze an interview during your lunch break or find time off to meet with a prospective employer. The ability to fit into anyone’s schedule is, without doubt, HireVue’s trump card.

However, HireVue has completely neglected to address the candidate’s needs. As the programme is one sided, the candidate is unable to get an idea of the company’s work culture. Additionally, the candidate loses out on vital networking opportunities. They might be unsuitable for the job they have applied for but they could be more suited to another vacancy. Without the facility for small talk, both the candidate and the interviewer are unable to show their personality fully. Finally, the DVD nature of the programme turns the interview into a form of entertainment. In this day and age of social media, innovations like that of HireVue are vulnerable to misuse. Whilst this is a worst case scenario, the security of the programme needs to be taken into consideration.

With HireVue looking set to expand after landing a 22 million dollar investment, it is possible you could encounter a HireVue interview soon. The benefits, especially for larger companies, are undeniable. However, the programme’s process is artificial and in the end, the candidate and the employer need to meet in order to establish the potential of a working relationship. The interview, for now, is here to stay.

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