The Dilemma of the Career Change


“The only constant in life is change.”


Even though these words are thousands of years old, they remain as true today as the day they were spoken. But if change is the one thing in life that you know you can count on, then why are people so afraid of it? Whether it be in a personal or professional context, the familiar is always the more comfortable option. And this is especially true when it comes to the often discouraging idea of a career change. If you are 15 or 20 years in to your career, the chances are that you’re set in your ways. You have your specific experience in your specific industry and the idea of taking a turn off that career path is not one you want to turn into reality. And if we’re honest that feeling is something that applies to most of us. Even if we’re stuck in a job that we do not particularly enjoy, change scares us. It presents us with the fear of the unknown. But it shouldn’t.

The reason change provokes such fear or anxiety is down to a number of misconceptions. We tend to believe that just because we’ve been doing the same thing for such a long time, then we simply cannot do anything else. We think that we have gained this specific experience to stay in our specific job and therefore we are not qualified to do a different one. Ultimately we associate change with the negative, and the current economic situation only makes things worse. But that doesn’t have to be the case. These misconceptions are just that, they are simply not true. So here are a few reasons why a career change is much less daunting, and a lot less difficult than a lot of us think.

Firstly, with the exception of extremely specific abilities, there is no such thing as a nontransferable skill. And the longer you are into your career, the more transferable skills you are likely to have acquired. So if you’re sitting there thinking that you’ve been doing the same thing for so long that it’s impossible for you to change then stop, because actually it’s really the opposite. Perhaps you’ve worked in an international company, you’ve worked in a team, and you’ve worked under pressure, that’s three desired characteristics already. I can guarantee that if you really think about it you’ll realize that you’re a lot more qualified than you first thought.

Something else that is important to remember is that you can be the solution to a company’s problem. You have a wealth of experience and a range of transferable skills and therefore all the marketing tools you need to sell yourself to a hiring manager. If you can show your interest and passion for the position then you are a lot more likely to succeed then if you only have specific experience but no charisma or drive.

Finally, one of the most important factors affecting the success of a career is positivity. If you are a likeable character who maintains a positive outlook on life then you will be able to do whatever you want. The worst thing you have to fear when it comes to a career change is rejection but what you have to remember is that rejection isn’t permanent. Rejection is inevitable at one point another in your life, but it is the ability to bounce back from it that makes any change a possibility.

You cannot be afraid to make a career change. The key is confidence. And if you can have confidence in yourself and in what you are doing then you can do anything. Taking a turn from your career path doesn’t have to be the end of the path; it can be the start of something great.

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