The Myths of Resume Writing


For job seekers, the Resume is one of the most important factors when landing a job. Naturally this means that people are constantly scouring the web for tips and advice to help them on their way, and such preparation is essential if you’re going to get a job, but caution has to be taken. There’s nothing worse than bad advice and unfortunately for job seekers there is countless amounts of outdated and unhelpful Resume advice on the web.

We live in a modern world. This means a lot of the advice that you received, or that was posted online 5 years ago doesn’t apply anymore. So what are these myths of Resume writing?

#1: Your Resume should only be one page

Simply not true. With the exception of those with little to no work experience, your CV does not have to be confined to one page. The chances are, if you’ve been working for a while, you will have too much experience to fit everything sensibly on one page, so don’t try to squeeze it all on. The common misconception is that hiring managers won’t read a CV if it’s over one page but the truth is that it is much more likely to be read if it is well laid out over two pages rather than being squashed onto one. Make sure you focus on marketing yourself instead of just worrying about length. However, excluding certain professions, you should not stretch a Resume to three pages as this is usually considered too long.

#2: Not everything on your CV has to be entirely true

It seems that a lot of job seekers still think that it is acceptable to tell little lies on their CV or perhaps exaggerate the truth slightly because no one would know. Never lie on your CV! In today’s society it is so easy to check up on you and the employer will almost certainly do so. Information is so easily accessible now that it’s just not worth the risk of a lie. I can guarantee that if you do get caught (which you will) then you will be out of the running for the job, and if you are found out later having already got the job then you will lose it. Remember that the majority of employers use social media in the screening process and in a world where sharing is the norm, you simply cannot hide from the truth.

#3: A great Resume gets you the job

The Resume is one stage of the job seeking process. No matter how much experience you have, how good that experience is or how impressive your overall CV is, you will not get a job offer from your CV alone. The aim of your Resume is simple: to get you an interview. People are interested in people and ultimately there’s only so much text can do. Without a good interview technique your CV is relatively pointless because you have to be able to back up what you’ve written. It is essentially your first marketing tool which is a focused snapshot of you. This is not the time for a lengthy discussion, nor is it the place to note down everything you’ve ever done.

#4: You can send the same Resume to multiple jobs

“One size fits all” does not apply to your Resume. Every job you apply for will be different and therefore every application requires a different approach. Your CV is supposed to make you jump off the page as a suitable candidate who would fit perfectly in the organization. Hiring managers will be able to tell if you’ve just sent a standardized application and are therefore immediately given the impression that you are lazy and don’t really care about the position or the company.

So there are some of the old legends that surround the seemingly mythical Resume. If you’ve been following this outdated advice then stop now. It is essential in today’s tough job market to stay ahead of the curve and give yourself the best possible chance you can.

Good luck!


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