The Modern Assistant: Why you need to be using social media

Why Secretaries and Executive Assistants should use social media

Social Media is going to become the key for business survival. It is not unlikely that, in the future, social media may even become more important than a company’s website. Refusal to accept this threatens to result in failure. However, plenty of executives and “higher-ups” are uninterested in learning about it or adopting it themselves, and therefore an opportunity arises for others.

An Assistant or Secretary with a knowledge and understanding of social media could become as attractive as one with a foreign language. After all, social media as a concept seems as daunting as learning a foreign language for many of the “old school.” If you can grasp the importance of social media in today’s business environment then you can give yourself a competitive advantage over others and with the job market as it is, it is necessary to stand out to survive.

As an assistant who can implement a social media strategy you can offer your company greater networking and marketing capabilities and ultimately business development, which in turn can provide you with a more interesting and more important role within the company as well as a higher potential income.

How Secretaries and Executive Assistants should use social media

I am of course not saying that you have to become an expert and control your company’s entire social media operation. Running social media can easily become a full time job in itself and therefore it would be difficult to add such a task to your existing responsibilities. However, with a good strategy and understood purpose, you (and any other assistants you work with) can take on certain roles which will benefit your company.

This could be anything from setting up an account for your company on Twitter to increase networking opportunities, to setting up a Facebook page to connect with existing and potential customers.  Just being able to improve your company’s presence online can prove beneficial.

Therefore my advice to Secretaries and Assistants would be to get accustomed with social media. Keep up to date with changes by using it regularly and by reading articles. Give yourself the best chance of getting employed, or becoming invaluable to your existing employers, and stand out in the crowd. After all, social media is the future.

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