How Mobile can help you find your next job


If you haven’t got a mobile device yet, the chances are you’re going to get one fairly soon because, if I’m honest, they are taking over the world. Half of all mobile users have already made the switch to a Smartphone, and who can blame them? The Smartphone, and all the other mobile devices, are incredible pieces of technology. They magically manage to simultaneously help you become more productive whilst distracting you. They allow you to be constantly connected and provide you with another opportunity to carry the digital world out into the real one. So, on a personal level these mobile devices are considered genius. But, what are the implications for the job market? How can you include mobile into your job search?

Last week I talked about why, and how, recruiters should implement a mobile strategy. The demand is there and the revolution of mobile recruitment is upon us. Mobile traffic is set to become the number one source of online traffic in the next 5 to 10 years. Recruiters are changing, and will continue to change, the way they do things and that means you (the job seeker) have to as well. With just a few simple apps you can use mobile to maximize your chances of getting employed.

So, what apps should you use to help you find your next job?

Remember the rush to get on LinkedIn? Well, history is repeating itself in the mobile world. With a mobile-optimized version of the professional network you can use the app to function as your online resume as well as connecting with colleagues and joining discussions just like you would from your computer. As I have discussed in previous blogs, recruiters use LinkedIn regularly to find top talent. By using this app you can make sure to be able to interact with all your connections immediately and conveniently.

Second on my list of essential apps to include in your job search is Twitter. Most people who use Twitter do so to receive regular updates on things that interest them. If you are a job seeker then it’s job opportunities that interest you, so why wouldn’t you use Twitter? By following the relevant people, it enables you to receive constant job updates on the go. You can get there first by using Twitter as your “job alert” app. The Twitter-based app “Tweetmyjobs” is the most effective way of receiving information on specific job ads, in terms of industry, position and location and is a must-have for all job seekers.

A great way to connect with people at networking events is the mobile app “Bump”. This allows you exchange contact details (and more recently pictures and videos) with any other phone which has the software installed. It could just be the “21st century business card”. By using Bump you can provide a “digital leave-behind” for potential employers and at the same time show them that you keep up-to-date with the latest innovations in technology.

So you’ve got your online profile with LinkedIn, you’ve found out about a job you’re interested in from Twitter and you’ve exchanged contact details with some key people in charge of recruitment using Bump. But how do you actually apply for the job? Well, with the ResumeBear mobile app you can send your digital CV to the potential employer from your mobile device. The app also tells you when the application has been received so you can’t track the progress of your job application.

Finally, you receive confirmation that you’ve got an interview but you don’t know where it is. Google Maps mobile app works in exactly the same way as your GPS would so you will know exactly where to go. With some add-ons, the app can provide you with traffic information and can show you your surroundings. With this app you can make sure you won’t be late to the interview.

So that’s just some of the apps that you can use to improve your job search, and the best thing about these ones is that they’re all free. Mobile recruiting is the next generation of recruitment and you (as a job seeker) need to stay up-to-date with new technologies. What is certain is that the influence of mobile is only going to increase and to ignore the mobile generation as a job seeker will result in you getting left behind. So, go mobile!

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  1. that’s pretty cool also there is an app on facebook by that also suggest you some great jobs.

    • Yes the app is good, and have a similar app which is pretty good too and they’re both free which is always nice. The only problem is that now there are so many mobile apps so there’s too much choice; but I suppose that’s not the worst problem to have!

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