The Mobile Generation: Is the future pointing to mobile recruitment?


The world’s gone mobile. We now live in a time where the lines between the digital and the real world are blurred. You can’t walk down the street without seeing a Smartphone or a tablet in the hands of every other person you pass. Mobile has revolutionized the way we live our day to day lives.

Mobile technology is taking over the world, but strangely it seems like the recruitment industry has turned a blind eye. According to a recent survey by Potentialpark, only 7 percent of corporate career sites are optimized for mobile devices. Now, you might be reading this and thinking that sounds about right, no one’s looking for a job on their mobile; mobile business just isn’t relevant to the recruitment industry. However, according to that same survey, 19 percent of job seekers have reported use of their mobile device for career activities. Even more interestingly, a further 50 percent said that they “could imagine” themselves doing it. So how influential is mobile business really?

Let’s have a look at some stats. A report by Comscore mobile last month showed that 6.8 percent of all US web traffic came from mobile devices. They also estimated that, by the end of 2011, over 91 million consumers will be using mobile devices. And this is in the US alone. These are some impressive figures. What is much more astonishing to me though, is the lack of attention companies in the recruitment industry are paying to these figures. It now seems that, if you don’t have a mobile strategy you should be figuring one out rather soon.

“Job seekers are using their mobile devices for job search whether employers like it or not,” explained Julian Ziesing, a spokeman for Potentialpark.

One of the reasons the mobile generation has evolved and succeeded so quickly is that people like to be connected on the go. It’s becoming clear that job seekers want to search for jobs and be notified about jobs on the go too. 30 percent of subjects in the Potentialpark study said that they would happily apply for jobs using their mobile device.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Job seekers are saying they would apply for jobs using their mobile device, but being able to do so is something completely different. As I have mentioned, the majority of career sites are not mobile-optimized, thus greatly restricting site operation for mobile users. What you will have probably noticed is that, the people who label mobile recruitment as a myth, or simply express negativity towards it, all argue the same point: mobile technology isn’t ready for recruiters. In fact they are right. At this moment in time mobile recruitment has not really taken off, but what is becoming clear is that it will.

The demand is there and the phenomenon of mobile recruitment is a very real one. For me, it’s something which is guaranteed to take off in the New Year. Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. It improves the candidate experience and as we all know, this is one of the most important things in today’s social-orientated world
  2. It improves you as a brand – you will have a more positive image
  3. It can enlarge your talent pool, giving you access to higher quality candidates

So it seems that “Traditional” recruitment is gradually disappearing. Social recruitment is becoming more and more influential and it won’t be long until mobile recruitment explodes onto the recruitment scene. My advice is preparation. It isn’t quite there yet, but the key to your company’s success could just be a good mobile strategy. So get planning!



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