The Recruitment Revolution: What the job seeker needs to know


The world of recruitment is changing. The physical and digital worlds are converging, technology is King and the old school recruitment methods just don’t cut it anymore. It’s all about social recruiting.

This means two things.

#1: Recruitment agencies have had to change the way they do things

#2: The way people find jobs has been revolutionized

So, I’m here to help job seekers understand how social recruitment works.

Keeping up to date with the latest recruiting trends is essential for job seekers. You need to give yourself the best chance of finding that job and by understanding what’s changed, what’s new and what’s going to happen you can stay ahead of the curve and ahead of your competition.

By now, you should be familiar with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Most recruiters are now on these sites, as they want to enlarge their talent pool and ultimately find the best person for the job.

So let’s assess how recruiters use each tool.

LinkedIn: Recruiters mainly use LinkedIn to post jobs and search for candidates. They want to grow their connections in order to find top talent. They will often post jobs and discussions in groups to try to connect with the relevant people. They can also scan the profiles of LinkedIn members to identify the appropriate candidates. They are looking for a professional profile, a good employment history, and recommendations and ultimately they want to develop a relationship with you.

Facebook: Although most people still like to use Facebook purely for personal relationships it is important to know that many recruiters will have a presence there. A lot of recruiters now use it to connect with potential candidates via discussions and groups on their Facebook company page. Be aware that some recruiters will “check up” on you via Facebook to make sure you are professional, and it is not unheard of that people have lost opportunities and even lost their jobs due to careless Facebook use. Also, there has recently been a lot of discussion and rumour suggesting Facebook will start allowing companies to post jobs, something which would transform the recruitment field further.

Twitter: A lot of recruiters love to use Twitter solely as a promotion tool. This means regular job posts and updates which are essential for job seekers in terms of getting there first. By using the “#” companies specialize their search and can find the relevant job seekers. They will often assess your activity, in terms of what you tweet, how often you tweet etc so it is important to maintain professionalism. Finally, companies regularly post about events that are coming up which act as great networking opportunities for job seekers.

This is just a summary of how many recruiters are using the main social media channels. What’s important to take away is that “social recruiting” is very much in effect right now.

As a job seeker you have to understand how modern day recruitment operates. If you don’t, you will get left behind!

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