Using Social Media in your job search

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will be aware that the job market has been a hot topic of discussion for a long time. The word “crisis” has been used on so many occasions in the media that, to an outsider reading the paper or watching the news, it would seem as if the world is ending. But I’m not going to discuss the reasons for that, or even talk about the problems with the economy, because let’s be honest it gets a little depressing after a while. Yes, the job market is tough right now and no there is no quick fix, no 5 steps which are guaranteed to get you a job. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s all doom and gloom and that there’s no hope. What it means is that you have to alter your approach to the job hunt or come at it from a different angle.

In my last post I discussed the benefits of companies using social media, two of which were particularly relevant to you as the job seeker. Now I have no doubt that most people reading this will have some form of social media presence, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or wherever. Most of you will also have noticed that social media is now being used by companies all over the world.

So if you are sitting at home disheartened, wondering why no one’s offering you a job and you’re moaning to your friends on Facebook about how hard life is, you are missing a huge opportunity. You’re already on social media, you already actively use social networking sites but you’re ignoring the answer that’s right in front of you.

If you are a job seeker you have to use social media in your job search.

As a recruitment agency we use social media to enlarge our talent pool and ultimately make it easier to find the best candidates for our positions. If you don’t use social media how do you expect us to find you? No one is going to knock on your door and give you a job. You have to get out into the world and actively “hunt” for that job. Social media enables you to connect with people from all over the world at the click of a mouse.

You have to network, get your name out there, join discussions and grow connections. Take the initiative and be creative and if you see an opportunity, take it or I can almost guarantee you will regret it in the future.

Now I realize that me telling you, you need to be on social media is all well and good but without knowing what to do or how to do it then it’s pretty irrelevant. So, here is my advice for you to break into, and improve your professional social media and discover the world of “social business” with reference to my top 3 social media sites.

Firstly, if you’re not on LinkedIn, get yourself a profile. Get your CV on there and if possible get some recommendations so you’re selling yourself with proof. Remember to put a sensible profile picture up where you look professional i.e. not having a pint or you in on the beach. You can then connect with people you know, people they know and so on to maximize networking possibilities. Join groups of like-minded and relevant professionals and take part in discussions. Ultimately you want to generate relationships with people. Finally, don’t forget to update your status regularly, as you would on Facebook, and let people know you’re current situation. You never know; someone from your past or a new connection could provide you with an opportunity.

I’m going to assume that you use Facebook for connecting with friends at a personal level as most people do (including me). However, it can be an effective networking tool. Again, a status that lets people know your current situation might just mean someone will offer a helping hand. I would advise that you make sure you’re Facebook privacy settings only allow friends to see things you wouldn’t want an employer to see, or just make sure your Facebook puts you in a good light, as it is quite common for recruiters to use social media to assess a potential employee. Facebook has become more important for job seekers, with apps such as Branchout and Beknown. There is also a lot of talk at the moment hinting that Facebook itself may start allowing job postings and therefore is only going to become more important for your job search.

Finally, Twitter is a fantastic networking tool as it gives you the opportunity to connect with people you don’t know based on common interests. By following the right people you can have constant access to new job posts and opportunities more easily than any other social site.

Networking has always been one of the best ways of finding a job and with social media you can increase your networking opportunities globally. The truth is, in today’s society, finding a job is extremely difficult. But the job hunt becomes a lot more difficult if you neglect social media, and its influence is only going to increase.

So my advice to you is simple: Don’t miss out on the opportunity, get out there. Increase your chances of finding a job and get yourself networking professionally on social media. It may just be the best time investment you ever make.

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